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CEO at WSA: No clarity on EQT exit plans yet

The time horizon for the venture fund EQT's investment in WS Audiology should be ending soon, but according to Group CEO Eric Bernard, there is no clarity on when the potential changes might occur.

Novo Nordisk starts crucial trial of obesity tablet

While Novo Nordisk struggles to meet the demand for its injection-based treatment Wegovy in the US, the pharmaceutical company has started a phase IIIa trial of semaglutide as a tablet-based treatment for obesity, aiming for similar weight loss results.


IO Biotech begins phase III trial with partner MSD

IO Biotech joins forces with partner MSD in the development of a new therapy for the treatment of skin cancer in combination with IO Biotech's lead candidate Keytruda. A big phase III trial now commences, and if successful, IO Biotech maintains commercial rights.

Galecto begins third phase II trial

The first patient has now received a dose of Galecto's drug candidate GB1211 in a crucial phase 1b/2a trial meant to assess its efficacy in treating liver cirrhosis.

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