Hearing aid product "Ven" will be mass produced in February, and a first batch has just been shipped off to India | Foto: Audientes / PR

Audientes ships first hearing aid batch to India

Hearing aid firm Audientes has sent its first shipment of commercially viable hearing aids off to the Indian market, where Audientes has expanded through multiple local partnerships over the past year. Mass production begins now, says CEO Steen Thygesen.

Leo Pharma ends Boston bet

A reorganization of the company’s structure has cost the life of Leo Pharma’s Science & Tech Hub, a five-year-old project in Boston, US.

Leo Pharma's Boston boss exits company

The Leo Science & Tech Hub, which was the bridgehead for Leo Pharma's efforts in the US, has been shut down, which has meant the man in charge of the operation has left the company.

Overwhelming majority passes new EMA powers

The European Parliament has adopted regulation that strengthens the EMA's ability to monitor drug and medical equipment shortages in Europe. New EMA groups will be impartial, they say, effectively shutting the door on representatives from the medical industry at large.

WSA merges with its independent retailer

Hearing group WS Audiology has, on paper, shut down its hearing aid retailer Coselgi – the company has instead been taken under the wing of WSA to simplify legal and accounting purposes, says Jan-Peter Rekling, president of the Nordic region.

Layoffs and restructuring will prepare Leo Pharma for IPO

On Wednesday, Leo Pharma has let go of 68 employees, and a total of 1,000 positions in the organization will be affected over the next two years. The new operating model is meant to raise earnings prior to an initial public offering, the company says.

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