With a subscription you can keep yourself updated on the latest business news in the industry via MedWatch and our newsletters.


A subscription includes:


• Access to the locked articles on MedWatch produced by our own reporters.

• Access to the locked articles delivered by our partners.

• Daily newsletter giving you the most important news directly in your inbox. 

• Access to MedWatch app. Get it in App Store or Google Play.


How a subscription is handled:


• Personal login allowing the individual employee to read all articles no matter where in the world the employees are situated.

• Company login through IP address. All employees are automaticly logged in while in the office.




The price of our subscription solutions varies depending on the number of users included in the solution.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail to receive an offer for a subscription. We customize subscriptions to meet your specific needs – from smaller subscriptions to advanced IP-based companywide solutions.


Price example:

1 personal license for MedWatch: DKK 6.880,- per year (EUR 925,-).

1 personal license for Watch Media: DKK 17.200,- per year (EUR 2.315,-).



Note: MedWatch user names and passwords are strictly personal and may not be shared with others.

The contents on MedWatch may be quoted under the conditions of the Danish Copyright Act.

A subscription is binding for 12 months and may be terminated three months prior to invoicing.


Read subscription terms of subscription purchase.


Contact the sales team:

Phone: +45 7077 7441

E-mail: medwatch@infowatch.dk


We will reply within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.