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14:59 Demant rejects criticisms of lobbying efforts against OTC channel: "That’s how America works" medwatch (en)
14:14 Demant CEO highlights strong performance from Diagnostics, acknowledges Communications letdown medwatch (en)
13:23 Analyst to hone in on Vyepti rollout and patient uptake in imminent Lundbeck report medwatch (en)
12:29 US downswing reflects shift in underlying demand, says Demant CEO medwatch (en)
10:43 GN Hearing to utilize pandemic experiences in new product launch medwatch (en)
09:55 GN Hearing launches new product platform medwatch (en)
09:25 Analyst identifies some positive elements in Demant report despite downgrade medwatch (en)
08:54 Analyst: Discouraging announcement from Sonova puts spotlight on GN medwatch (en)
07:59 Sonova downgrades, blames high costs and weak results from key markets medwatch (en)
07:44 Demant downgrades after revenue disappoints medwatch (en)
15/08 Novo Holdings silent on insider trading case medwatch (en)
15/08 Cutting monkeypox vaccine dosage is no easy fix, officials say medwatch (en)
15/08 Pfizer's new acquisition generates billions of dollars from migraine drug medwatch (en)
15/08 Analyst identifies difficult growth conditions for Demant ahead of Q2 report medwatch (en)
15/08 Genmab CEO strives to maintain company culture as staff count grows to 1,500 medwatch (en)
15/08 Analyst: Genmab's Darzalex income coming in faster than expected medwatch (en)
15/08 Denmark buys additional 10,000 monkeypox doses from Bavarian Nordic medwatch (en)
15/08 Genmab CEO: "We can do things in a smarter way than pharma companies" medwatch (en)
12/08 Top news from MedWatch this week medwatch (en)
12/08 ALK's tablet trial in Ukraine set to continue medwatch (en)
12/08 US biotech firm ramps up collaboration with Genmab after dropping drug candidate medwatch (en)
12/08 Genmab postpones crucial cancer candidate decision following Abbvie exit medwatch (en)
12/08 ALK to exit Turkish market: "It's bad business if all we get is peanuts" medwatch (en)
12/08 Genmab to measure growth hope against bestseller medwatch (en)
12/08 Genmab says new arbitration builds on a straightforward question medwatch (en)
12/08 Zealand Pharma's deficit grows in quarter with product divestment medwatch (en)
12/08 Analyst: Upgraded ALK sales guidance could still be beaten medwatch (en)
11/08 ALK fears politicians will force pharma industry to foot pandemic bill medwatch (en)
11/08 GN, Sonova advance with Veterans Affairs in July – Demant, WSA retreat medwatch (en)
11/08 Europe will have to wait for Ascendis Pharma's weekly growth hormone medwatch (en)
11/08 Novo turns to new factories to boost supply of obesity drug medwatch (en)
11/08 Abbvie withdraws from cancer candidate collaboration with Genmab medwatch (en)
11/08 Organizational expansion sends Genmab costs soaring medwatch (en)
11/08 ALK releases surprisingly strong quarterly figures medwatch (en)
11/08 Genmab beats expectations across the board medwatch (en)
10/08 Zealand Pharma fined by Danish financial supervisory authority medwatch (en)
10/08 Former CEO left Y-mabs with USD 10.7m in severance pay medwatch (en)
10/08 Y-mabs reports second quarter sales increase for cancer drug medwatch (en)
10/08 New monkeypox shot technique to get emergency US approval to extend supply medwatch (en)
10/08 Ambu CEO wants to avoid further downgrades: "I've communicated what I'm confident we can deliver this year" medwatch (en)
10/08 MSD diabetes drug found to contain possible carcinogen medwatch (en)
09/08 Lundbeck raises 2022 guidance medwatch (en)
09/08 Four new products will help Novo Nordisk division grow medwatch (en)
09/08 Eargo's sales plummet in troubled quarter medwatch (en)
09/08 Lundbeck's head of R&D to join board of e-health firm Brain+ medwatch (en)
09/08 Olympus continues to grow endoscope business medwatch (en)
09/08 Analyst: Genmab trading will be neutral despite strong growth medwatch (en)
09/08 Zealand Pharma to delist in US medwatch (en)
08/08 Genmab upgrades 2022 guidance medwatch (en)
08/08 Post-pandemic employee air travel clouds Novo Nordisk's climate report medwatch (en)
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