Outgoing Ambu CEO commends colleagues

”A true privilege,” says Juan Jose Gonzalez, describing his time as CEO at Ambu, which came to an end with Thursday’s announcement that Britt Meelby Jensen would take over the role.

Britt Meelby Jensen wants to rebuild trust in Ambu

After a turbulent time for Ambu under Juan Jose Gonzalez’s reign, new chief executive appointee Britt Meelby Jensen aims to rebuild the trust in the medtech firm, which has downgraded its expectations seven times over the past three years.

Coloplast to issue notes for EUR 3.5bn

The medtech firm has announced that it is establishing a program to sell senior unsecured notes for up to EUR 3.5bn, aiming to finance the acquisition of Atos Medical.

Coloplast postpones launch of ostomy care platform

After redesigning an ostomy product based on brand new technology, Coloplast has now achieved the desired clinical results. However, the company does not expect to be able to launch the platform within the previously announced period.

Coloplast will not exit Russia, says CEO

Around 70 employees in Russia will continue working, as the medtech firm keeps operations running in the country – out of concern for people with intimate health needs, says CEO Kristian Villumsen.

Ambu downgrades financial guidance

The Danish medtech firm has announced in a stock exchange notification that it is lowering its expectations for the year due to a number of current and upcoming challenges.

Qufora expects French approval in 2022, trains sights on million-dollar business

FRENCH ELECTION: An aging population and a gradual shift towards the idea of treating people in their own homes has led to intense work for Danish medtech firm Qufora, which is aiming for a revenue of DKK 20-40m (USD 2.9–5.9m) in the nearest future. ”France is our most underexploited close market,” says Qufora’s CEO.

Aging French population could boost Danish health exports

FRENCH ELECTION: France’s aging population and greater focus on healthcare in people’s own homes could lead to Danish health technology exports of over USD 1bn. ”It’s a very exciting agenda,” says Denmark’s ambassador to France.

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