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Analyst on FDA proposal: Ball is in hearing aid industry's court

On Tuesday, the FDA revealed its proposed guidelines meant to improve the access to affordable hearing aids for Americans. Following the proposal, which did not contain any surprises, it is now the hearing aid industry's move, says an analyst at DNB Markets.

Demant CEO on implant recall and sales halt: "This is very serious"

A serious setback for Demant's surgical division Oticon Medical, as the company has had to recall numerous implant devices due to a performance issue, in addition to halting the sales of said device, says President and CEO at Demant Søren Nielsen, who has launched a thorough investigation to locate the root cause.

GN Hearing restructures after research and development letdown

The year of 2021 was meant to bring two new product launches from hearing aid manufacturer GN Hearing, but its research and development division hasn't delivered. Subsequently, the company has dismissed its head of R&D and downgraded its guidances markedly, says CEO at GN Hearing.

Senators fear inadequate OTC regulation could harm hearing device users

In an open letter to US President Joe Biden, four senators sound the alarm over the chaos reigning on the hearing device market. Due to a lack of clear regulation ahead of the over-the-counter sales channel, low-cost manufacturers have begun selling "amplifiers" masked as real hearing aids, potentially harming users.

GN rejects notion of selling Hearing division, again

GN is not considering selling or seperating from its hearing aid division, GN Hearing, to instead focus on the fast-growing headset manufacturer, GN Audio, a recommendation that Nordea made in an analysis for its clients on Wednesday.

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